School Wellness Library

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School Wellness Library

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The School Wellness Library was created to assist schools in the implementation and enhancement of wellness programs and initiatives to improve the health and well-being of students and school staff.

It is intended for School Nutrition Directors, School Wellness Champions, School Nurses, School District Administrators, Parent Groups, Teachers, and others in the school or community who have a vested interest in making the school environment the healthiest it can be.

Created by a public health Registered Dietitian with experience in child nutrition and school wellness programs, the Library combines research, best practices, and personal experiences.

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The School Wellness Library contains over 70 pages and it consists of 14 different resources:

  • Healthy Fundraisers

  • Healthy School Celebrations

  • Starting a School Garden

  • Operating a Nutritious Weekend Food Backpack Program or Food Pantry

  • Timeline and Procedures for a Successful Taste Test

  • Positive Health Messaging

  • Enhancing Student Health & Wellness with Recess Before Lunch

  • Hosting a Health and Wellness Night

  • Policies to Support Student Health & Wellness

  • Student Survey-Nutrition & Physical Activity

  • 5 Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas

  • 5 Healthy Lunch Recipe Ideas

  • Utilizing Grants to Enhance Your Health & Wellness Programs

  • Engaging Families in School Nutrition Programs