Hi, I’m Stephanie and I founded The Nourished Principles!

If you would have asked my family what I would become when I “grew up,” I think a Dietitian would have been pretty far down the list. I was probably one of the pickiest eaters you could ever imagine and rejected every vegetable I was offered until I was about 20 years old. I found my niche in dietetics when I stumbled upon my first nutrition course in college as part of my science major. Not only did I find the subject interesting, but the energy and passion for the field from my professors and classmates was contagious and inspiring. From that experience, I knew I had found my calling and could not wait to become a Registered Dietitian and share my love of nutrition and public health with others!

I am passionate about public health, food policy, and child nutrition. The purpose of The Nourished Principles is to provide tools and consultative services that empower individuals to make healthy, nutritious choices, and help communities, organizations, businesses, and schools to create healthier environments.

The Core Principles


Nourished Individuals

Every day, multiple times a day, we make choices about how we fuel our bodies. These choices have both short-term and long-term effects. When we choose nutrient dense foods, we can prevent or reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Another integral component of health is exercise for both our mental and physical health because nutrition is only one piece of the puzzle. When we incorporate all these health aspects into our daily habits- nutrition, physical health, and mental health- we are nourished individuals.


Nourished Schools

With children spending over 1,000 hours at school per year, it is imperative that we make the school environment as healthy as possible. Physical activity and healthy eating should be top priorities for schools because healthier students are happier students –and most importantly, they are better learners. Incorporating more physical activity into the school day, especially in the classroom, allows students to release energy and focus so that they are ready to learn. Providing healthful foods in the cafeteria and beyond fuels students so that they can reach their utmost potential.


Nourished Policies

Local, state, and federal policies that support healthy choices have profound impacts on the public. Health should always be one of the most important aspects considered when policies are created or implemented. Decision makers, both elected or not elected, should prioritize nutrition and public health.


Nourished Communities

Communities can encourage healthy habits in a variety of ways, from ensuring safe walking and biking routes to pursuing equitable access to affordable, healthy foods for all citizens. When communities implement programs or adopt policies that are health-focused, the individuals that make up that community, and the community itself, are healthier and happier.


Medical University of South Carolina
Dietetic Internship
Class of 2016

Tufts University
Master of Science: Food Policy and Applied Nutrition
Master of Public Health
Class of 2015

Virginia Tech
Bachelor of Science: Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise
Class of 2012

    Professional affiliations

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Member

  • School Nutrition Services (SNS) Dietetic Practice Group (DPG) Member

  • Public Health/Community Nutrition (PHCN) Dietetic Practice Group (DPG) Member

  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) Dietetic Practice Group (DPG) Member

  • Lowcountry Local First, Member

  • Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston, Member