The Nourished Principles combines nutrition and public health practices to encourage healthier individuals, communities, organizations, and schools.


What We Do


Public Health Nutrition Programming & Policies

From assessment and development to implementation and evaluation, we provide support for public health nutrition programs and policies that aim to improve the health and nutrition of individuals and populations. 


Child Nutrition Program Support

With a background in school nutrition programs, we ensure menu compliance, create recipes, provide support for wellness initiatives and nutrition education, and assist with special diets and allergens.


Consumer Engagement

We create content to engage consumers on a variety of health and nutrition topics which may include blog posts or articles, social media content, webinars, and other communications materials or resources as needed.


Nutrition Seminars & Presentations

Designed for both a general audience and a health/nutrition professional audience, our nutrition seminars and presentations are tailored to fit your needs. We cover both broad and specific topics and are able to present in-person or virtually.