There are numerous ways to approach a healthy lifestyle when it comes to nourishment. Food is our fuel and without it, our body cannot function. As a dietitian, I've learned about so many eating patterns- yes, including those bizarre fad diets like the cabbage soup diet or the baby food diet (cringing as I type those), and what they really do to your body.  I’m constantly asked the question of “what do YOU eat” or when someone sees me enjoying a baked good I get asked “aren’t you a dietitian?!”. My response is always "balance."

I became a dietitian because I LOVE food and I enjoy sharing my passion for food with others-- not because I want to be the food police (seriously, please don’t use that phrase) or because I think everyone should lose weight. I truly believe in balance- meaning that you can enjoy the foods you love and still lead a healthy life. Does this mean that I consume a dozen cookies a day? No, but if I am out with friends or family and we pass by a delicious, local, ice cream shop, I will likely be the first one to suggest we go inside.

So much of our life involves food- birthday parties, office celebrations, weddings, summer cookouts, vacations, etc. Those celebrations or events allow us to indulge in the foods that we love with the people we care about. Yes, we can still make healthy choices during these occasions but we can also make them outside of these events and those daily, recurring decisions that we make allow us to practice balance. As we go through life’s journey, I encourage you to enjoy all of the delicious food along the way.